Building Fortunes on an Icey World

House Dantori has been on the losing side of political ill-fortune in the far-flung Sa’adani Empire. One off-shoot of this House has been assigned to live on Casca, a cold and snowy world where great economic opportunities offer the chance to rebuild House fortune and status.

Echisano Province is one of the most promising regions in the Dantori holdings, but it has been run into the ground by greedy subalterns who held sway there before the Dantori came to Casca. It is also one of the provinces that front on the Ghostlands, that depopulated region where the former lords of this territory and all their kin were destroyed by ancient enemies.

Those enemies now oppose the Dantoris, and covet territories like Echisano for their own. The newly appointed governor, Dantori Revana, is the youngest scion of her house, but also the most martial. Trained to lead in the military, she must now also learn to rule.

What can be made of this struggling territory and its new leader? Those who help establish Dantori fortunes here may rise to greatness themselves. Can you defend the territory, create order out of corruption, be prepared to face the silent threat of the Ghostlands? If you are willing to serve the Dantori, then come make Echisano your home, and we shall see what Fortune offers.

~ ~ ~

Echisano is played only by email and online. There is room for one or two new players in this game. If you are interested in participating, apply to Teramis via email. Echisano is set in the Sa’adani Empire setting, which is the basis of the science fiction novels Mainline and Splintegrate, by Deborah Teramis Christian, available from Tor Books.