Previously, in Dantori Lands...

Place: Dantoriya, House Dantori lands, Casca
Casca Local Date: Cashodo, 11 Stormtide 1715

Dantori Revana has just come of age in a grand Ashaku ceremony. One of her Name-Day gifts is the governorship of Echisano Province. In two days she will wed Lacendi Vantos, a Great Marriage of two houses which will bond the Dantori with a great shipping and trading clan. The marriage offers strategic benefits to both families.

After her wedding, Revana will have only a short time to review affairs in Echisano Province and attempt to put things in order. There is much to do, for the region has been run willfully by corrupt local administrators for quite some time. Yet she cannot linger long, for she is still completing her training as a cadet officer of the Torinaru, her mother’s clan which serves as the military arm of House Dantori.

Echisano leaders have been put on alert that the Governor, the new Lady Echisano, will be arriving soon, and will be inspecting the province’s militia and other affairs in the various districts. The atmosphere in Echisano is tense, for although some look forward to change, others hate it and the threat it poses to their interests.

House Dantori Provinces


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